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Tsiboko is a collective formed by Petra Puchelova, Sebastian Reyes and David Camargo. 
Through our roots we are aiming to recognise natural geometry as a connection to perpetuity.

The basis of the project began more than ten years ago with the interest in the 'Eyes of God' of the Huichol culture.


We have been refining the idea of design until today. Captivated by this craft expression during all this time we have been experimenting and developing this art. 


Our project manifests itself through colour and geometric patterns of nature. 

Technically through the construction of wooden structures, cotton thread and paint we explore the different dimensions and textures. Each piece is carefully worked through many layers with the highest attention to detail. With insights and inspiration of the Latin American ancestral tradition we create sculptures with aesthetic reflection that express the spirit of our roots and experiences with the natural world.