Tsiboko Studios was founded in 2017, by Petra Puchelova and Sebastian Reyes, with a vision to deliver products that are 

an aesthetic reflection of their roots and experiences with the natural world. Through their work, they aim to recognise natural geometry and fractures as a connection to endurance and continuity. Their designs are born from the observation of nature, different cultures and traditions. 


Tsiboko is translated to ‘Simple’ in English. This word comes from the indigenous community of Sikuani, Colombia with whom they are emphasizing the studies of community cultural anthropology, history of weaving and traditional medicine. They love simple, natural perfection, and humble beauty. To embrace slow living and production. 

Building on the belief that their design can help you slow down and momentarily do away with distractions by reconnecting with your senses.


Each of thier pieces is meticulously handmade and carefully worked through many layers to the highest attention to detail.